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Deltathree Partners With Service Provider UBIUS to Launch Consumer VoIP Offering

NEW YORK, July 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — deltathree, ( Nachrichten ) Inc. , a leading provider of SIP-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions for service providers, resellers and end users worldwide, is proud to announce a new partnership between UBIUS, VoIP service provider, and deltathree’s award winning consumer group, iConnectHere.Which? Tests Free VoIP Providers

Consumer group ‘Which?’ has tested six “free” voice over IP ( VoIP ) providers to see how they performed and whether or not the technology is ready. Overall things went well, yet some services suffered from difficulty of use, missing features and low voice quality:

Korea Telecom Chooses Acme Packet Session Border Controllers for its NGN

Acme Packet(R) announced today that Korea Telecom (KT), the largest service provider in Korea, is deploying the Net-Net(R) session border controllers (SBCs) in its national VoIP network that connects its residential and business customers.

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Broadband phone plan comparisons, reviews, and articles

A guide to understanding broadband phone plans and help selecting the best broadband phone company.

Broadband phone plan comparisons, reviews, and articles

A guide to understanding broadband phone plans and help selecting the best broadband phone company.

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According to one of the findings, there is an estimation that small to medium-sized enterprises are able to gain around 70% of the cost savings in their telephone bills with the support of session initiation protocol i.e. SIP which is a control protocol designed to use along with the IP-based communications. There are various leading technology-based research firms around the world which are estimating the use of SIP in near future. According to one of their findings, it is estimated that nearly half of the American businesses will opt for SIP trunking by the end of 2015. These findings are of no surprise as when we see the price benefits and cost savings which SIP brings along with it.

All the small and medium enterprises which are majorly concerned with the cost savings should consider these three points:

  1. Decreased telecom charges:

With the conventional telephony, long distance and toll-calling can be quite expensive deal. This is more of a concern for all those businesses having multiple locations. Infrastructure maintenance, operational expenses and billing need to be taken into account. In case that business has different branches in different location i.e. provinces or cities the pricing or costs can be quite higher. With the support of a SIP telephone system, the calls are usually executed over an IP based connection and it provides a lot of cost saving benefits to the company.

  1. Increased control and modification:

Telephone service bills account for major monthly operational expenses for many of the businesses. Usually, these telephone system often sits idle because agents are waiting for the peak hours. If the business is having multiple locations, then it means that company will pay bills for each location thus increasing the cost of the bills. On the other hand, SIP trunking really helps businesses to experience more control and give them an ability to allocate their bandwidth accordingly. In technical terms, it means that the business will purchase a fixed amount of capacity and then disperse it virtually from a centralized hub whenever a particular office in any location requires it. It is a great help for businesses to manage their bandwidths.

  1. Unified Network Solution:

With the help of SIP trunking, a converged or unified network can be created which means that services like data and voice can be used under a single roof. This makes previously used necessary infrastructure as redundant and obsolete. This eventually helps to eradicate a lot of cost associated with that infrastructure. This not only helps in streamlining the entire communication network but also decrease a lot of costs associated with infrastructure and network maintenance.

SIP trunking is one of the best technologies that emerged for businesses and with the support of this service, many businesses can reduce their costs to a great extent and also improve their efficiency and effectiveness as businesses can allocate their bandwidths accordingly with providing superior quality. In future, many of the businesses will opt for SIP trunking.

Choosing a VoIP service provider

Choosing a VoIP service provider

It is interesting to note that everything is going digital these days including your phones, cables, radio and now TV. So if someone is assuming that conventional landline telephony is here to stay then they are kidding themselves. VoIP phone services are in demand these days and they are taking place of the traditional phone service. Hence, in near future, traditional telephony may become obsolete. Not all VoIP service providers are equal and it is important to note that what to look for while you are trying to choose a VoIP phone service provider.

Before making a purchase of VoIP, it is an important consideration to make that how many type of calls you make. Mostly, VoIP services cost between $30 and $40 for unlimited (local and long distance calls) in many parts of the world. It is really important to understand your calling needs in order to secure the best package. Some of the VoIP service providers offer lower rates than others, so it is really important to check out the company’s international fees for the countries you are calling. Also, determine the costs that you will pay for international phone calls. Also, consider if the VoIP service provider offers selling VoIP phones.

VoIP phones are handy and you can take them with you wherever you go (even outside of the country). You just need to hook it up with the high-speed internet connection and you can instantly start receiving calls. Your phone number normally goes with the phone hence you need to worry about forwarding the number.

businessman shows modern technology

Also, find out if the VoIP is providing E911 services. Mostly, VoIP service providers are compatible with E911. However, there is a slight difference between E911 and 911. In 911, the dispatcher automatically locates the place you are calling from but with E911, they have to go by the location indicated on the file of your VoIP provider. Make sure whenever you move to a new location, you update your address with the VoIP provider. Also, it is important to upgrade E911 services with your service provider.

It is also important to keep in consideration any hidden costs along with the VoIP service. Mostly, VoIP phone services include an adapter but not all of them so it is important to check while comparing different plans. Many services charge fees upfront. It is also advisable to check the local number portability. There are certain factors to keep in mind when you plan to purchase a VoIP telephony from the VOIP service provider, firstly, it is advisable to see whether it is compatible with other equipment or services in your office. Also having a comparison of one service provider with others give you a fair picture of what you will be getting along with the whole package. You must need to check whether it is cost-effective, compatible, offering numerous features, reliable and having customer support services. Customer support services are important for your business as in case of emergency you will be needing it the most.